Down the Hill…

Since arriving in this glorious little town, I’ve made a dear new friend whose encouragement has been priceless. Its her birthday this weekend (tomorrow actually), so we’re heading to Redlands and Palm Springs for a few days. Big Bear locals call it going “Down the Hill”. This will be the first time I’ve left Big Bear since I’ve arrived, so it will be a little “adventure”. I am excited to meet my friend’s family and explore the desert of California. I will post some pics of the trip and if anyone has a “must see” that I shouldn’t miss while I’m there, please let me know! Click here for some interesting 411 on how California and NASA have harnessed the Power of WIND…

Only having driven through Palm Spring several years ago, these ECO-FRIENDLY Giants are all Ive seen of her so far....

On a totally different note, I am checking out a few online Fitness Trackers to gauge my journey back into a fit and healthy body. I don’t want to recommend anything that’s lame, so I will use them each for a week or more and then fill you in on which one works the best. I will tell you that I already have a fast favorite – it’s the most user-friendly so far – but that could change over the course of daily use… so hang tight.


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