Fútbol & Folksingers…

 “Isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think? “


So, one of the books I lugged along with me (after selling 90% of all my books to follow this hope of mine) is Joan Baez’s autobiography And A Voice To Sing With. I don’t know why exactly. It is a book that landed in my lap at a time when I was captivated by Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin and other epic female singer/songwriters of the Flower Power generation.         

I read ¾ of it (see review soon in Progressive Pages: AuthenChic Reading), saw her in a mediocre concert at the National Hispanic Cultural Center, and just never seemed to pick it up again. The irony is that I did choose to bring it with me; it was one of the books I wanted to read before leaving for Latin America – and it just so happens that Miss Joan is one of the ‘Notable Residents’ who called Redlands, Ca. home. It seems to me, that I have been given a little nudge or two to finish reading this autobiography – to explore the life of a brave woman who took chances, was a humanitarian and poured her heart out through music.


“A little too ironic, and yeah, I really do think.”  

Next – I was completely obsessed with the 2010 World Cup. Who could keep their eyes off Diego Forlan? He’s a friggin’ machine – and absolutely DELISH….



I spent the summer rooting for Uruguay in crowded pubs, imbibing in red ale, and surrounded by the fervent groans and ovations of opposing fans.  And although the U.S. didn’t fare so well (we’re not even in the same league really), I did become a cheesy fan of Landon Donovan… how could I not? Well, it turns out our ‘Landycakes’ called Redlands home as well, graduating from Redlands East Valley High School. Nice.


Lastly, back to books, the final ‘noteworthy person’ of whom Redlands boasts, is the author Harold Bell Wright. He lived, taught and wrote there. I have yet to read any of his works, but it is now on my “must do” list. Just the little I’ve read on Wikipedia has intrigued the heck out of me and whet my appetite enough that he will be one of the first ten authors I add to my Kindle… when I get one… & I really, really  want to get one. Wright seems sadly unrecognized (I, shamefully, had never heard of him), but was apparently one of the most influential American writers of the early 20th century. He is considered to be in the same class as Charles Dickens – but an American author. He was the first one to sell more than a million copies of his book, and suggested to have also been the first to earn that same figure for a work of fiction. The novel I want to explore is That Printer of Udell’s, which was originally written in 1903 as a sermon, but ended up becoming a work of fiction that went on to influence the likes of Ronald Reagan. He might turn out to have been a total nutcase, but I am determined to read enough of his work to form an opinion of my own of this “great American author”.

There’s some miscellaneous 411 about Redlands, Ca. for you to chew on. I’d love any comments on the World Cup or any insight into the writings of Wright. 😉

Peace, L

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