Props to my pup’s new Papa!!

Just a quick update and encouragement – if you find you have to give your beloved pet up for adoption, finding someone who will gladly let you remain part of your pooch’s life is a blessing of comfort beyond words…

taking a nap....on his way to his new home...

Although you can no longer give them their daily dose of love yourself, having smooches of evidence that they are receiving it from their new parent (and new FAMILY) brings such peace and joy!

Lucas w/new Gramma ❤


...and Great-gramma....

 Old habits die hard… Lucas was always one to be looking out the window waiting for his parental to return… precious boy ❤

'where's Papa?'


 So- spending some fun-filled days at ‘doggy day care’ while Papa is at work, lots of fun at the dog park, and family outings… knowing how loved and cared for he is brings this mama such happiness.

We have plans for a reunion soon – yay!!!

** My unspeakable gratitude to Papa Gilbert for being such an open and stellar instrument of love from God – I am blessed beyond words.**

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