Lighter, Lighter, Smoke on Fire… (Quit Smoking / Week Two)

May 21, Day 10

Why am I quitting again? In a house full of happy smokers? What was that? I can’t hear you over the Dragon sweet-talking me… (have you ever seen DragonHeart? With the friendly dragon?) Anyway… apparently some days are harder than others. I haven’t had the pleasure or help of many comments, so I’m not sure if anyone in the vast world of WP has quit with me (I’m assuming not, at this point) – oh my my my – it sound like I just may be having a bit of a Pity Party. Day ten was difficult – but I went to sleep tonight without going on a date with Puff-Puff the Smoking Dragon. Yay for my lungs and heart and breath and skin and circulation….

May 20, Day 9

My mama sent me the 50-day encouragement/benefit to quit smoking list yesterday which helped her a great deal during her quit. She’s smoke free for two years TOMORROW!!!!!  Yay Mama!!!! WTG!!  Personally, I think she should go out and by something grand with all the dough she has saved over the past two years…. roughly $4400… (or she can send it to ME for my trip!!!! ;o) …) Just kidding mama)  but in all sincerity, I really think it makes complete sense to reward yourself with something financially equivalent to the money you would otherwise have spent on those smelly killers. Anyway, had a few rough moments today, but all in all not torturous. If I hadn’t ENJOYED smoking so much, I would say this is as easy as pie. It’s not the physical withdrawals that are killers, it’s being attracted to the abuser.

May 19, Day 8

Today was way harder than yesterday. Not unbearable, but the urges were more intense. My friends were smoking a lot so the smell was constantly wafting into the  house… but I made it through the day. 😉 Once again, a lot of deep breathing. And I honestly think that, besides the empowerment by  the Lord in moments of weakness, you REALLY HAVE TO WANT TO QUIT.

May 18th, Day 7

I’m not sure if it was getting through the difficult first six days that helped, but today wasn’t so bad. Had about four “moments” where I was like, “hmmm, a smoke would be tasty right about now…” –  but the moments passed quickly – even with smokers around. I’m giving ALL praise to God for the grace i found today. I don’t want to assume I’m over the proverbial hump whatsoever. But I am grateful for a day of much grace. ;o)

 FALLING….  Like weebles, just Get Back Up.

Smokin' Yoga Pose...... not.

So. Fitness Training smoker…. (please don’t think I’m the only guilty one here folks… I’ve had many a toke with colleagues in the “Fitness Biz”…) But I don’t want to be a hypocrite anymore. Gotta practice what we preach, right? I started smoking in my early teens and just LIKED it. I quit in ’98 for several years, but “just one puff” awoke the demon with a vengeance.
May 14 – 17 , Days 7 – 10
Having smokers around so soon after quitting was too much for me. I caved and “puffed”… I’m not blaming anyone but myself, so don’t get me wrong, but it was just too much for ME. I convinced myself that having a puff of a cherry flavored PT wasn’t really smoking… GOSH the lies we tell ourselves; it would be funny if it wasn’t so sad! BUT DON’T GIVE UP!!!
SO. If you’re really tempted, like I was, to take just that one little puff… or have just one little stogie, remember that each & every cigarette travel in packs…
And yes, smoking cherry flavored Prime Time cigars or “organic” cigs still makes you a smoker… and is NOT cooler. Just saying…
So I am not counting the 14th  thru the 17th of May as Quit Days. Boo.


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