Seasons of Friendship

I promised to post at least twice a week – and for those of us who start our “week” on Mondays – I’m in… just under the wire! ;o)

I am posting a journal entry I made in 2007 right after my first mission trip to Orphanage Emmanuel in Guaimaca, Honduras – which is what I’ll be sharing about next week. I still feel the same way, and have recently experienced a similar ” Summer Season” – I would love to hear any thoughts you have on all the different levels and lengths of friendship! Peace, Lisa

Letting Go

a thick consuming fog blankets the twilight in white blindness that penetrates the dark morning hourso odd here,  so unfamiliar, beautifulthe city slumbers unaware, and i feel blessed to be awake

i sit outside, embraced by this curious, thought-provoking cloud

i sit silently, pensively

i ponder my trip to Honduras and how it caused me to miss an old friendship, so sweet and so intimate and so precious…

and it occurs to me the season has passed

for ‘there is a time & a season, a purpose for everything under heaven’

including a time to let go

times change, feelings change, people change

letting go of the past does not equal forgetting it, letting go of a person does not equal a lack of love

sometimes, letting go is just a formality

we can have life-long friendships that are sustained and blessed and knit together by the Hand of God for the long haul

and friendships that have a short, intense season…   storms that come crashing into our lives like a spring downpour

new life blossoms, kindred spirits dance to a fragrant melody

then one day you awake to notice the flowering buds have been replaced by fresh, sturdy green foilage…spring has left without a word, and summer has discreetly replaced her

i will always recall the blooms of spring, and look forward to the next season she springs forth with new life

until then, i let go, and inhale deeply the warmth, solid lifelong friendships – embracing the season that surrounds me today

and I am grateful.

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