Let Freedom Rain!

I began to open this post writing about the U.S. celebrating our 235th year of Independence (or freedom); however, because I have an ocean full of opinion (as do we all) about where our beloved country really stands in this arena, I’ve decided to stick with a subject much more intimate & much less inflammable – PERSONAL INDEPENDENCE & FREEDOM!

I’m a word girl. A huge fan of language in general. Next to a smile (body language), words are our primary source of communication with one another.  Educational & historical texts, literature, poetry, dictionaries, synonyms, antonyms… you get the picture. I am enamored by the construction of written language.

I actually look forward to encountering one of those occasional surreal moments when you write or see a word, one which you are totally familiar with, except that it looks insanely wrong! Like gibberish! But you know that you know it’s right… you’ve spell checked a dozen times… yet it still looks wrong somehow.

A ‘Babylonian’ moment… if i may use that word loosely. 😉

Allowing that Rabbit Trail of a paragraph to remain intact – I’ll get back to the point. Personal Freedom. Independence. Although there are a grip of definitions for freedom & independence, I chose a simple one, which includes both fabulous truths.

“The state or quality of being independent; freedom from
dependence; exemption from reliance on, or control by, others; self-subsistence
or maintenance; direction of one’s own affairs without interference.”

Today can be a day where you break free! Declare your independence from something (or someone) that has you in chains. We all have something we need to be set free from. Drugs, Alcohol, a Toxic Relationship, Smoking, Gambling, Depression, Bitterness, an Eating Disorder… whatever… If something negative has exerted any amount of control over us – it has to end.

That’s all my friend. There are fireworks to watch and a gentle, steady rain outside competing with the heat.

Today is a perfect day to declare your independence. Walk boldly into the freedom that awaits you… even if it hurts for awhile. Let Freedom Rain…. like a baptism – out of bondage, into liberty.

One comment on “Let Freedom Rain!

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