The Eye of God…

Like most (if not all) of our ‘unwritten’ US History, the Eye of God was originally named by the Native Americans. The Serrano Indians to be precise. It is said that over 2,000 years ago, it was a “complete dome of exquisite quartz, and the Serrano Indians believed that this rock was actually God’s eye.”

It is said that “They took comfort in knowing His watchful gaze looked out at them as they went about their daily lives in the valley.” And, “today, the ancestors of the Serrano Indians still think of this place as sacred.”


When I looked at one of the pictures I took, and witnessed the hovering glow of additional vertical mass that somehow showed up (camera of course), it gave me the chills.


The Folklore

During our trek to the site, my friend told me a ‘story’ about a terrible battle that took place over this land. The Serrano Indians wanting to protect the Sacred spot, and Miners wanting (of course) to procure the White Quartz for profit. “This dome was originally over eight hundred feet high!” she declares, with such conviction it makes it difficult to doubt the authenticity of her words. “Hundreds & hundreds of the Serranos were murdered in a horrific battle. The miners won of course, blew it up & chopped it all down. This is all that is left.” According to my dear friend, that would make the Eye of God originally about 80 stories high… only 30 stories short of the Twin Towers. Hmmm. Here is where I’m guessing a little ‘folklore’ comes in. Now, I’m not doing my dissertation on this, so my ‘research’ about this sacred site has been limited to the internet – but I did not find a solitary hit to back up this claim of such massive proportions. Not even one saying it was originally 80 feet high (which seems more realistic). However, the story was engaging – and our US History has truthfully been largely embellished to make us look like the good guys… which is untrue. But that’s a whole different topic. Completely.


The fact

In truth, the Eye of God is a relatively small, albeit beautiful & peaceful spot – and definitely worth seeing. Even the drive there on the 38 thru Big Bear City and Shay Road into the Baldwin Lake area is breathtaking. It’s like getting a great big, warm hug. Unlike the Big Bear Lake area, which is gorgeous in a completely different way, Baldwin Lake holds a more “Little House on the Prairie” feel. Very serene. The dirt road heading to the Eye can be a tad sketchy in places, although I never needed to throw my Land Rover into 4WD; you definitely want some clearance, so a truck is highly recommended in my opinion. We pretty much drove right up to the Eye, though I’m certain there are a multitude of hiking trails to the spot as well. For specific driving directions click here.

As my time in here gorgeous Big Bear comes to a close, I find myself in a hurry to explore several more spots, including Peace Rock (which is in the same area as the Eye of God), the Big Bear Queen Lake Tour, do a little zip-lining, and of course I still need to put in a few hours on the Pacific Crest Trail. So, stay tuned for more fun things to do here on Bear Mountain! I’m heading toward the Coast tomorrow, God willing, to visit some friends in Oxnard & San Jose, and will hopefully be taking the PCH if time allows – keep your fingers crossed! I’m sure it’s a magical drive… and I am in dire need of some OCEAN BEACH.

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