PCH Chronicles: the Oxnard Account

THE OXNARD ACCOUNT: A Single Bliss-Full Day


Out of the many gifts the Lord has blessed me with, an internal compass (or any navigation skills whatsoever) was not included. It took me SIX hours to drive from Big Bear, Ca. to Oxnard. Yep. I should get some sort of trophy for managing to double the estimated driving time. I somehow found myself in Long Beach (don’t ask), then half way to Riverside – what??! Suffice it to say, I eventually shuffled Maggie (my sweet Land Rover) into Park on the Oxnard coast around midnight. My dear friend was waiting in the middle of the street (I wouldn’t have found her house had she not been), and after quickly dragging my few bags inside the condo, several long “I missed you!!!” hugs, and some fabulous leftover stir-fry, I donned my trusty soft ‘Linus Blanket’ and hit the shore. A slice of HEAVEN! I’ve been landlocked for so many years that the crashing of the waves was initially intimidating. “Were they always this loud?”, I wondered – “or is it something about the Moon making it a volatile night?” Who cares. I could have been swept away by the tide and been just fine with it. I sat, enchanted, on the still-warm sand, breathing in the Ocean air & feeling my skin cells expand with moisture by the millisecond.


After a small yet splendid breakfast of scrambled eggs with dill & turkey bacon, mi chica amiga & I scrambled ourselves together as quickly as possible and sauntered the whole 20-ish yards through the CondoAlley until my feet once again hit Beach Sand. BLISS!! The morning started out really overcast (it usually does if my memory serves correctly), but my friend had been really bummed out because apparently the Sun hadn’t shown her face the whole time they’d been there. Bullocks. I had told her I would bring the Sun with me, and by golly She was gonna Shine!!


Thanks be to God, even before we poutfully forced ourselves to go back inside long enough to “get ready” for the afternoon, the Sun was ablazin’ – in all her Glory!! – And an almost empty Beach filled up quickly – with happy faces coming out of the woodwork homes to soak up her Rays and catch some Waves. 😉

For some history on Oxnard, click HERE – I’m still working on researching my upcoming post about all the sites I took in along the PCH drive! As for little ol’ me, I had never even heard of Oxnard until two days before I cuddled up to her. Even having once lived in San Diego, I hadn’t heard a rumor of it. Perhaps the seemingly-unneccessary-but-prevelent-nonetheless dichotomy between SoCal & NorCal (like the Capulets & Montagues) kept anyone from telling me. My friend mentioned that some refer to Oxnard as CenCal – but as a San Diego native, she thinks of it as SoCal… and I’ll agree with her completely 100%. The climate, water temp & vibe is definitely SoCal… not to mention viewing it on a MAP. As I drove the PCH toward San Jose, I knew the moment I crossed the “border”. It’s a different element completely. And for those who disagree, and don’t even consider San Jose to be in NorCal, please keep the argument amongst yourselves… I’m just one girl, with one opinion. ;o)

So. This trip to Oxnard taught me a few things. First, to just chillax and go with the flow – even when you’re lost. You’ll find your way eventually, so enjoy the ride. I both smiled and pouted as I passed exits that called to me flirtatiously… Melrose, Mulholland, Laurel Canyon… but I kept my foot on the gas determined to make my destination on time. Ha! In all seriousness, it was a growing experience. Travelling Old School, without a cell phone or GPS – I had to figure it out all by meself. And I did. Eventually. And secondly, walking onto that precious beach was worth every head-tilting second of dazed navigation. As the old adage goes, “Better late than never”… Word. I relished every minute of the Oxnard Experience. We ultimately spent the entire day on the water, hit Santa Barbara for some evening tunage and Pub food – crashed a House Party – and I finally ended the night, in the wee morning hours, once again solo – save my Linus Blanket, on the BEACH. Did I say Bliss?

Instead of a Sand Castle, I opted to build a Mayan Ruin....

Yumyum    mi amigas soakin' it up



“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”
Helen Keller

Ciao for now, my fellow adventure-chics… 😉

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