PCH Chronicles: Through My Looking Glass

In the firstchapterof the PCH Chronicles, I shared the utter helpless navigation “rabbit holes” and BLISS of my barefoot experience driving from the Mountains of Big Bear to the Oxnard coast in California. It would have been nearly impossible to disappoint me, really, coming from so many years of being Landlocked. To once again feel real Beach sand between my Vibram’s, to hear the waves crash heavy like beating percussion in a song, PLUS catching up with good friends? Priceless.


A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving. (Lao Tzu)


In PCH Chonicles Act II, I shared a photo essay with you of the glorious landscapes of vineyards and coastal views which took me from Oxnard through to Pismo Beach – A seriously peaceful drive which fills the nostrils with the fragrence of Earth and Sea.


Once I navigated my way through Pismo Beach, and hit Big Sur, my CHEEKS HURT from smiling so much. Joy bursting from the inside out ~ like a small child, witnessing something purely glorious for the first time.   


A View From the Driver’s Seat

Although it may not have opened up the world anything like the www, the Bixby Creek Bridge unquestionably made life & TRAVEL much easier for 1930’s Coasites. A world of difference to anyone for that matter, who had to make the usual & often times treacherous three-day wagon journey which the Bixby Bridge alleviated. Click HERE to listen to the song I was jamming to while writing this – Deathcab for Cutie’s Bixby Canyon Bridge



Star Grazing

In a twilight zone moment, the sunny cheer of the atmosphere changed into a surreal dreamscape. Fog dropped out of nowhere, dripping & dense, cloaking everything in mystery. There is a reason this drive is so famous, and so worth the extra time. I was filled with gratitude – my spirit actually bonded with the beauty that surrounded me. Such a gift.

Coming out of the clouds through Carmel toward Monterey, California

All in all it was THE MOST BEAUTIFUL drive I’ve ever taken. Although I didn’t have the opportunity to share it with a Bestie, Lovebug or Family, there was a glorious sweetness to relishing it and taking the gentle swim in all the Splendor as a Solo Traveler…. because I wasn’t alone – my most loving ABBA was with me – the Creative Power behind every sight I was blessed to behold. I would HIGHLY recommend adding this drive to your “Bucket List” if you haven’t already experienced it. If you have the time, it would be best enjoyed as a leisurely adventure. You can make it a Five-Star event or stop and camp out (there were plenty of fun looking tent folks kickin’ it along the way) – Savor some fresh seafood dishes, get your toes wet. But even if, like me, you only have one afternoon, leave early enough to make the vista stops along the way. You won’t be able to resist, so schedule it. And drive South to North if you’re only able to go one way. All of these images were taken FROM THE ROAD. I hope you enjoy them – Happy trails!!!!!

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