AuthenChic Tunage II

Some more of my favorite tunage…   PLAY ALL

BULLET: Relapse  ~RARE RELEASE: from the film The Safety of Objects

BECK: Loser  ~A total Classic!!

LOCH LOMOND: Wax & Wire  ~Genius Talent from Portland, Oregon

BEN GIBBARD: You Remind Me Of Home  ~Great tunage for a rainy day! This one has a moment of melody from Creep towards the end- speaking of which…

RADIOHEAD: Creep  ~An AuthenChic Version

CLEM SNIDE (Featuring Andrew Bird): Something Beautiful   ~Makes me want to tango with a hottie…

PHIL WICKHAM: Hallelujah  ~Just a man & his guitar giving glory – impeccable

NOEL GALLAGHER: The Importance Of Being Idle  ~Sick range – best version EVER

THE FRAY: How To Save A Life  ~Acousitc – a lullaby voice

DAMIEN RICE w/LISA HANNIGAN: Cold Water  ~Old School Rice & Hannigan – pure

FEIST: Performs all Acoustic On a City Bus  ~Nice

THE HEAD AND THE HEART: Josh McBride   ~My current favorite band – they are so dope i’m going to add another song…

THE HEAD & THE HEART: Rivers and Roads  ~If you like Mumford at all you’ll love these guys – they’re WAY more mellow – but overflowing with talent! … one more

THE HEAD & THE HEART: Cats and Dogs & Coeur D’Alene

REGINA SPEKTOR: Samson  ~”You are my sweetest downfall” – quirky artist – love her!

PEARL JAM: Can’t Keep  ~a forever favorite… Sir Eddie…LOVE the Uke!!!

We’ll go out a with a little more energy!

THE KILLERS: Mr. Brightside  ~Pure American Ear Candy


SEE AuthenCHic Tunage I >>>  I have pretty broad taste in music, so don’t expect a repeat of this flavor but hopefully you’ll really like it!! CLICK PIC to get a quick taste…

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