Lighter, Lighter, Smoke on Fire… (Quit Smoking / Week Two)

May 21, Day 10

Why am I quitting again? In a house full of happy smokers? What was that? I can’t hear you over the Dragon sweet-talking me… (have you ever seen DragonHeart? With the friendly dragon?) Anyway… apparently some days are harder than others. I haven’t had the pleasure or help of many comments, so I’m not sure if anyone in the vast world of WP has quit with me (I’m assuming not, at this point) – oh my my my – it sound like I just may be having a bit of a Pity Party. Day ten was difficult – but I went to sleep tonight without going on a date with Puff-Puff the Smoking Dragon. Yay for my lungs and heart and breath and skin and circulation….

May 20, Day 9

My mama sent me the 50-day encouragement/benefit to quit smoking list yesterday which helped her a great deal during her quit. She’s smoke free for two years TOMORROW!!!!!  Yay Mama!!!! WTG!!  Personally, I think she should go out and by something grand with all the dough she has saved over the past two years…. roughly $4400… (or she can send it to ME for my trip!!!! ;o) …) Just kidding mama)  but in all sincerity, I really think it makes complete sense to reward yourself with something financially equivalent to the money you would otherwise have spent on those smelly killers. Anyway, had a few rough moments today, but all in all not torturous. If I hadn’t ENJOYED smoking so much, I would say this is as easy as pie. It’s not the physical withdrawals that are killers, it’s being attracted to the abuser.

May 19, Day 8

Today was way harder than yesterday. Not unbearable, but the urges were more intense. My friends were smoking a lot so the smell was constantly wafting into the  house… but I made it through the day. 😉 Once again, a lot of deep breathing. And I honestly think that, besides the empowerment by  the Lord in moments of weakness, you REALLY HAVE TO WANT TO QUIT.

May 18th, Day 7

I’m not sure if it was getting through the difficult first six days that helped, but today wasn’t so bad. Had about four “moments” where I was like, “hmmm, a smoke would be tasty right about now…” –  but the moments passed quickly – even with smokers around. I’m giving ALL praise to God for the grace i found today. I don’t want to assume I’m over the proverbial hump whatsoever. But I am grateful for a day of much grace. ;o)

 FALLING….  Like weebles, just Get Back Up.

Smokin' Yoga Pose...... not.

So. Fitness Training smoker…. (please don’t think I’m the only guilty one here folks… I’ve had many a toke with colleagues in the “Fitness Biz”…) But I don’t want to be a hypocrite anymore. Gotta practice what we preach, right? I started smoking in my early teens and just LIKED it. I quit in ’98 for several years, but “just one puff” awoke the demon with a vengeance.
May 14 – 17 , Days 7 – 10
Having smokers around so soon after quitting was too much for me. I caved and “puffed”… I’m not blaming anyone but myself, so don’t get me wrong, but it was just too much for ME. I convinced myself that having a puff of a cherry flavored PT wasn’t really smoking… GOSH the lies we tell ourselves; it would be funny if it wasn’t so sad! BUT DON’T GIVE UP!!!
SO. If you’re really tempted, like I was, to take just that one little puff… or have just one little stogie, remember that each & every cigarette travel in packs…
And yes, smoking cherry flavored Prime Time cigars or “organic” cigs still makes you a smoker… and is NOT cooler. Just saying…
So I am not counting the 14th  thru the 17th of May as Quit Days. Boo.


Gratitude For Movement – Week Three


Getting back in shape automatically admits the horror that you’ve allowed yourself to get out of shape. No tears or whining allowed now, just aggressive determination to change that horror into an inspiration of success! Instead of focusing  on what you may not be able to do, focus on being grateful for what you CAN DO!

This is our final week of focusing solely on that Gratitude for Movement. Being able to walk or jog or hike or bike. Being grateful for our limbs and breath and shoes…

Rather than get into what the next phase will be, I really, really want to enjoy being immersed in this gratitude for movement. It’s a good place. Instead of focusing on how fast or far or intense each workout is, we are to be focused on “thank you” that I can make it this far, at this pace – “thank you” that I’m moving forward and not backward.


There is no stagnation with our health & fitness. Not really. There may be what some call “maintainance”, but in order to maintain any level of fitness, we must constantly be changing what we are doing in some way – causing muscle confusion – to keep from what is referred to is a plateau. We are, in a very real sense, either moving forward (toward our goals) or backward (further away from our goals). During this phase, just moving for at 30 minutes, at least 3 days each week, is our goal. So every minute you walk or ride the elliptical or dance, is a minute spent moving forward to your goal of a healthier and happier you. Every glass of clean water you drink (I see pure water as God’s Sweet Nectar), is a glass taking you forward to healthier, hydrated skin, increased cellular productivity, moisturized joints, and increased metabolism & energy!

"Celebration" by Keith Mallet


So, I plan on enjoying this final week of celebrating and being grateful for my ability to move! Forward or backward is up to me.

Isaiah 40:31
“but those who hope in the LORD
will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint.” (NIV)

Please leave your comments on the Gratitude For Movement: Beginning Workouts PAGE. Thanks!!

Getting Back In Shape

**I will be posting about the roadtrip to Redlands and Palm Springs in the next day or so – until then, I thought I’d share a little about my Fitness Adventure… Authenchically…. 😉

I used to be able to run a 7 to 8 minute mile pace.  Well, “used to be” doesn’t count. But it can frustrate you when you find you’ve lost so much stamina that you’re down to a 15 min mile pace. That’s right. I am jogging slower than most people walk. Grumble, grumble, moan, complain. As I was “jogging” today, I started whining about how out of shape I am, and heard that ‘still, small Voice…’ say “Be grateful that you can jog at all!”  Too true, and shame on me. I may be out of shape, but I’m healthy enough to do something about it. I don’t have any physical limitations (other than lugging around this extra weight) to stop me from getting back to that 8min mile. Hallelujah! So instead of bitching, I focused on Gratitude.  Getting back into good physical shape starts by moving. “Put one foot in front of the other” may seem like such a basic suggestion, a ‘baby step’ … but sometimes that is exactly where we need to begin. If you haven’t worked out in a long time ( for whatever reason), or you have never been very physically active but find yourself in a place where that is exactly what you want or need to do, then we’re in the same boat… so let’s set sail, shall we?

Stage One of  ‘getting back in shape’ will last three weeks and will be referred to as the Gratitude Stage, hooyah.

for more 411 on getting back in shape, see my Gratitude for Movement under PROGRESSIVE PAGES on the side bar.

Pushin’ thru the “OW!” to “WoW!”

Okay. so it should go without saying that when you take a sabbatical from working out (or running specifically in this case), you are to expect above normal muscle soreness. Knowing this lovely fact however doesn’t make getting up the stairs (or walking in general) easier in the least bit. Ow!! My calves feel like balls of pain. My ass is mocking me. Stretching, which I normally look forward to, is agony. And it’s all worth it.

The Ow I am experiencing results from inactivity, and so is deserved;  the awesome WoW feeling that accompanies pushing through the pain and running anyway, is likewise deserved. It helps a lot to have a running partner, I must add. When one of you feels like bailing, the other person often acts as a catalyst to follow through. Setting up a meeting place and time works as equally effective accountability. Especially when you’re new to an activity (or getting back into it). One of the things specific to running is that you (should) see progress every run. Whether its increase in distance or decrease in time, or simply just feeling stronger than the run before, running is a sport which gives instant gratification.

Follow the Asphalt Running Trail...

My friend and I hit another 5 mile walk/run this afternoon. We only walked about two miles (to a friend’s house and back) yesterday, but I’m certain that the soreness would have been much worse today had we not done even that. The first mile sucked, after that however, it felt GREAT. We made better time, and stopped half way through for a good stretch, while our muscles were warm. No yoga when we got home (way to beat), but we did indulge in another one of G’s smoothies. She found the recipe on Oh She Glows… and it is so yummy!! A wonderful & healthy post-workout  treat. If you try it, let me know what you think!

spinach & almond butter protein smoothie

Goodnight my fellow vagabonds… Don’t forget to add *FITNESS into your travels. 😉

Peace, L

*common sense note: always check with your personal physician before embarking on any new Fitness Adventure.

Big Bear Adventures…

I really need to sit down and share about how bittersweet it was finding my ‘Toto” a new home, but that’s going to take a lot more heart than i can give tonight. It’s late, and i’m sleepy! My friend and I went on a 5 mile walk/run this evening along Big Bear Lake. Much more walk than run, but i didn’t leave feeling disappointed in myself whatsoever. It was GORGEOUS. It’s our first time out for exercise really (that its cold is a lame excuse, I KNOW), but that’s history. There’s not much that’s more motivating than a beautiful landscape to take in while your lungs are burning with fresh oxygen. 😉

A view of Ski Summit from the running trail around Big Bear Lake


It’s our goal to go out again tomorrow evening for a brisk walk, and then increase our run time on Friday. We did a little yoga when we got home, to stretch out our shocked and tight muscles. And my friend made a stellar protein shake with freshly made almond butter, chia seeds, spinach, banana etc. (sounds gross maybe, but it was de-li-cious) !!!!

Still flyiing after 5mi walk/run around Big Bear Lake

Although the snow is totally melting, I really hope to get a few more rides in before Spring takes over. I’m stoked to find that snowboarding is like riding a bike… you just strap back in and take off. I was VERY worried about having to spend the entire  first day back learning how to carve and turn etc. again (it’s been over two years since I’ve ridden), but it came rushing back. Admittedly, I was a little cautious; but let me tell you, the conditions were so pristine and my friend was still learning (only her fourth time on a board & she braved some new runs), so though we took it easy, we both managed to push ourselves ‘just right’…

a view of Big Bear Lake from Summit Run


I’m off to have some sleepy-time tea and hit the sac. Best wishes to all you winter sports enthusiasts…. get it in while we can!!!
Peace, L