M.I.A.: In Chrysalis


After nearly a month’s respite from the overwhelming self-pressure to blog about my acclimation to this new life as a nomad – despite being a terribly private person – I’m ready to come out of my cocoon. It requires a decidedly naked commitment to share the initial efforts of pursuing one’s dreams. It’s intimidating to allow strangers to witness the transparent struggle of emergence and potential falls as I clumsily cling to a surface while my newfound wings dry out.

So, decision made, I am committing to updates twice a week. Hopefully, after some time, I can find which two days present themselves as the most convenient and stick to those. But for now, twice a week will suffice. I will strive to make each one not just random ramblings, but rather authentic experiences which I encounter as I travel down this Yellow Brick road.

❤ AuthenChically yours ❤ ,



SOMEONE had to leave sight of the Shore….

… to find out if the World was really flat… or NOT.  ;o)


“…She’s ridden a camel deep in the Sahara, then played a violin concert for 60 Berber kids there at 6, swam with dolphins in Portugal, ate reindeer meat in Sweden, swam with sharks in Bora Bora, gone to foreign local schools in Spain and Asia to immerse in the language, takes piano & violin lessons over skype via webcams with teachers on another continent, can find her way on any subway from NYC to Paris,London, Vienna etc & feels perfectly comfortable on sailboats, cargo ships, horses or any mode of transportation & Has enjoyed every mode of lodging from camping & couch surfing to luxury suites in the world’s best hotels…”  –  soultravelers3 

This excerpt was taken from a smartly written reader’s comment on a Lonely Planet article I read via a tweet today – such an adventure! And this is about the experiences of the couple’s 10 year old daughter!! She was only five when they began their adventures! How lovely. The entire article focused on the viability of long-term travel integrated with one’s career. Good read. The comment responses were equally engaging.

The daring courtship of marrying a philanthropic lifestyle of travel and career/academic pursuits (without being independently wealthy or financially underwritten) is a mind-blowing concept… to do it….?  We shall see. 😉 I suppose it’s time to start really sharing about what provoked this whole thing for me. The next several blog entries will focus on that. I am so terrifically inspired, educated and comforted by the writings of others who have gone before me – other bloggers, writers, film-makers… LIFE-livers… so thank you… to all who have taken the chance to follow their dreams…taken the plunge, the leap of faith, the road less travelled, the bull by the horns….

Go Go ahead and follow the yellow brick road or the white rabbit…. a little bit of faith and Three Little Birds are sayin’ Don’t Worry, ’bout a thing… cause every little things gonna be alright…

much love & respect going out to ya’ll tonite. Peace, L

Gratitude For Movement – Week Three


Getting back in shape automatically admits the horror that you’ve allowed yourself to get out of shape. No tears or whining allowed now, just aggressive determination to change that horror into an inspiration of success! Instead of focusing  on what you may not be able to do, focus on being grateful for what you CAN DO!

This is our final week of focusing solely on that Gratitude for Movement. Being able to walk or jog or hike or bike. Being grateful for our limbs and breath and shoes…

Rather than get into what the next phase will be, I really, really want to enjoy being immersed in this gratitude for movement. It’s a good place. Instead of focusing on how fast or far or intense each workout is, we are to be focused on “thank you” that I can make it this far, at this pace – “thank you” that I’m moving forward and not backward.


There is no stagnation with our health & fitness. Not really. There may be what some call “maintainance”, but in order to maintain any level of fitness, we must constantly be changing what we are doing in some way – causing muscle confusion – to keep from what is referred to is a plateau. We are, in a very real sense, either moving forward (toward our goals) or backward (further away from our goals). During this phase, just moving for at 30 minutes, at least 3 days each week, is our goal. So every minute you walk or ride the elliptical or dance, is a minute spent moving forward to your goal of a healthier and happier you. Every glass of clean water you drink (I see pure water as God’s Sweet Nectar), is a glass taking you forward to healthier, hydrated skin, increased cellular productivity, moisturized joints, and increased metabolism & energy!

"Celebration" by Keith Mallet


So, I plan on enjoying this final week of celebrating and being grateful for my ability to move! Forward or backward is up to me.

Isaiah 40:31
“but those who hope in the LORD
will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint.” (NIV)

Please leave your comments on the Gratitude For Movement: Beginning Workouts PAGE. Thanks!!

Romance vs. Reality

“How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.” Henry David Thoreau

Its been three whole days of hiding under a dark cloud of discouragement and depression. I suppose I could stay here for another week or even a month – but that I cannot. I suppose that if the standing up and following one’s dreams were as easy as it is to merely close the eyes and dream them, there would be nothing noble nor a great reward in the actuality of their fruition. How easy it seems to sit and quietly dream, to make ‘plans’ with hope – yet  how truly difficult it is to stand up, pursue, and live them. For they often must stay just beyond your reach – in a courtship dance of Romance vs. Reality. 

Ultimately, it is Diligence who must be your constant and harsh partner – the one with whom you will perfect the timing of your steps to Hope’s intricate melody.  A decision must be made. Am I one to sit in the audience – to genuinely appreciate and applaud the dance – but then go home, an observer only? Or do I sweat in the hours of discipline, endure the  blistered, bloody feet and falls – and maybe, just maybe, be the one to leap and spin and soar? 

Today I will decline the invitation to the Pity Party. I will get up and wrap my wounds, stretch my weary legs and take Diligence’s extended hand… and as I do, I can faintly hear the beat of Hope begin again…

Props to my pup’s new Papa!!

Just a quick update and encouragement – if you find you have to give your beloved pet up for adoption, finding someone who will gladly let you remain part of your pooch’s life is a blessing of comfort beyond words…

taking a nap....on his way to his new home...

Although you can no longer give them their daily dose of love yourself, having smooches of evidence that they are receiving it from their new parent (and new FAMILY) brings such peace and joy!

Lucas w/new Gramma ❤


...and Great-gramma....

 Old habits die hard… Lucas was always one to be looking out the window waiting for his parental to return… precious boy ❤

'where's Papa?'


 So- spending some fun-filled days at ‘doggy day care’ while Papa is at work, lots of fun at the dog park, and family outings… knowing how loved and cared for he is brings this mama such happiness.

We have plans for a reunion soon – yay!!!

** My unspeakable gratitude to Papa Gilbert for being such an open and stellar instrument of love from God – I am blessed beyond words.**