Sept. 14, 2011 : DAY FOUR –    VIDEO LOG

2:00PM :  Deep breath. Deep breath. Deep breath. After “Playin’ tha Suckah” last night, I woke up with a fierce determination to Beat this Spirit of Bondage’s ASS.

6:30PM : Still hanging in there – it SUCKS to quit when you live with a smoker. But however slowly the process, the chains are breaking – I will be free.

It doesn’t matter if someone is sitting three inches away from you blowing smoke in your face… (not that they are, I’m totally exaggerating)… but they could be, they may as well be. You know how the sweet stench of smoke travels. It still is NO EXCUSE for me to smoke. This is something that I want. This is MY decision. And i do have all of the Power and Strength of Heaven within me. No Excuses. I will not fail. I WILL NOT SMOKE. I’m done with it. No more bondage. I will not be a slave to something so small.

2:00AM: Insert bad words here. Lots of them. Caved AGAIN. Soy un perdedor. ;o( As I said earlier – Slowly but SURELY. I need to take my own advice and spend more time feeding my mind and strengthening my resolve on Joel’s site.

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