DAY SEVEN: 9/17/11 :

3:00AM – I just had the most volatile, vulgar, talk-out-loud battle with my “rebellious” self. It was sublimely cathartic. I am about to embark on a mission to places where people are going without FOOD – suffering from hunger pains, and I’m sniveling over 21 days of not smoking Malditos Cigarrillos? Shoot. I’m sniveling over 21 HOURS of it! That is pathetic. And I am not pathetic. And yes – I talk out loud to myself – always have. ;o) You should try it sometime… just be careful in public.

5:00 PM – So far my verbal reprimand has kept Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong in the corner – she’s turned her head a few times, pouting, but then crosses her arms and faces the wall again once she realizes I’m not playing games. I’m going to see a friend play a gig down in the Village tonight – thank GOD they don’t allow smoking in pubs anymore.

6:40 PM – Well, my friend cancelled her show. How you do that at the last minute, at a popular place, on a Saturday night, has tweety-birds flying in circles around my head, but then again, this is Big Bear. Either way, this was meant to occur; since finding out, I have spent only a few moments reading the Word & already have been brought to a Place of complete Serenity. ;0) The Lord truly does know our thoughts afar off and is able to minister Peace beyond all understanding.

‎The LORD upholds all those who fall and lifts up all who are bowed down.  – (Psalm 145:14)

I need to just take a couple of days SOLO time with this. I’ll start posting again on Monday

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