Gratitude For Movement: Beginning Workouts

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I used to be able to run a 7 to 8 minute mile pace.  Well, “used to be” doesn’t count. But it can frustrate you when you find you’ve lost so much stamina that you’re down to a 14 min mile pace. That’s right. I am jogging slower than most people walk. Grumble, grumble, moan, complain. As I was “jogging” today, I started whining about how out of shape I am, and heard that ‘still, small Voice…’ say “Be grateful that you can jog at all!”  Too true, and shame on me. I may be out of shape, but I’m healthy enough to do something about it. I don’t have any physical limitations (other than lugging around this extra weight) to stop me from getting back to that 8min mile. Hallelujah! So instead of bitching, I focused on Gratitude.  Getting back into good physical shape starts by moving. “Put one foot in front of the other” may seem like such a basic suggestion, a ‘baby step’ … but sometimes that is exactly where we need to begin. If you haven’t worked out in a long time (for whatever reason), or you have never been very physically active but find yourself in a place where that is exactly what you want or need to do, then we’re in the same boat… so let’s set sail, shall we?

Stage One of  ‘getting back in shape’ will last three weeks and will be referred to as the Gratitude Stage, hooyah.



  • Focus on moving. Whether it is walking, jogging, hiking or riding a bike, just get out and move for at least 30 minutes, three or more days a week. Try and get your heart rate (HR) up to a point where if you were talking you would only be capable of very short sentences. Interval Training is good too. Bursts of high intensity work split with a recovery; such as, jog for 3 minutes and walk for 2, and repeat for 30+ minutes.
  • Drink Water (H2o) – at least 8 cups a day. Here is a calculation to determine how much water YOU should be drinking (according to your bodyweight) – if it seems overwhelming, begin with the 8 cups (a little less than 2 liters) and work your way up.
  • Begin to monitor your food intake. Just be AWARE of what you are putting  in your body. Keeping a journal is perfect for this. You should note what you’re consuming, how much you’re consuming, and what time you are eating your meals/snacks. It is best to get into the habit right away of stopping any food intake three hours before bedtime – any food you eat after this point better be good, because you’re going to sleep with it and you will wake up with it as storage the next morning. Period.

Away we go!!! Good luck to you!!

MY PERSONAL WEEK ONE GOALS                                                                     July 27 – August 3, 2011

  • A    30+ minutes of Cardio + stretch 5 days
  • B    Bodywork (Pilates, Ballet, Yoga etc.) 3 days
  • C    1.5L H2o DAILY
  • D    No eating after 7pm


*NOTE: Although I have been a certified Personal Trainer since 1994, any suggestions are just that. Common sense and every fitness site you visit, including this blog, make it clear to check with your personal physician before embarking on any new fitness adventure.

5 comments on “Gratitude For Movement: Beginning Workouts

  1. Hey Lisa,

    Ok. I’m with you and I start today! I commit to 30 minutes at least 4 days a week. (I’m going to try for more) Back to logging my food intake as well. Got into bad habits of not eating all day and eating late at night again. ugh! Also, never enough water so goal is 4 days, 30 minutes, logging food and CONSUMING H2O!


  2. WTG – yay for you!!!! i had so much on my proverbial plate today i was going to blow off my run, but THANKS to your post, I’m gonna get my butt out (even in this wind) and do it! Let’s keep each other motivated Luvlee Rose. 😉

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  4. Lisa,
    Thank you for reminding me to stop the whining and be grateful for what I am capable of. We get caught up in the fast and easy fix for things and forget to slow down and take responsibility for what we can change.
    I am in! I commit to start change today and hope to feel better soon.

    • Hi Stacey!
      That’s wonderful!!! If you need any advice or encouragement, my “door is always open” so to speak. ;0)
      Welcome aboard! I would love it if you share your journey with me & the AuthenChic community! If you’re type A, like I am, or even not – there are a couple websites that are stellar as far as keeping track of your goals, workouts, progression, diet etc. – and most importantly offer a community of other active people reaching for their wellness goals. One nice site is called Spark People – check it out and let me know what you think! I don’t have any special relationship with them for recommending them, other than that I truly believe it’s one of the best sites out there! I will begin posting free workout videos next month – so keep a look out for those!
      Good luck and congratulations on your commitment to be the healthiest and best YOU you can be.
      Peace, Lisa

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