Big Bear Adventures…

I really need to sit down and share about how bittersweet it was finding my ‘Toto” a new home, but that’s going to take a lot more heart than i can give tonight. It’s late, and i’m sleepy! My friend and I went on a 5 mile walk/run this evening along Big Bear Lake. Much more walk than run, but i didn’t leave feeling disappointed in myself whatsoever. It was GORGEOUS. It’s our first time out for exercise really (that its cold is a lame excuse, I KNOW), but that’s history. There’s not much that’s more motivating than a beautiful landscape to take in while your lungs are burning with fresh oxygen. 😉

A view of Ski Summit from the running trail around Big Bear Lake


It’s our goal to go out again tomorrow evening for a brisk walk, and then increase our run time on Friday. We did a little yoga when we got home, to stretch out our shocked and tight muscles. And my friend made a stellar protein shake with freshly made almond butter, chia seeds, spinach, banana etc. (sounds gross maybe, but it was de-li-cious) !!!!

Still flyiing after 5mi walk/run around Big Bear Lake

Although the snow is totally melting, I really hope to get a few more rides in before Spring takes over. I’m stoked to find that snowboarding is like riding a bike… you just strap back in and take off. I was VERY worried about having to spend the entire  first day back learning how to carve and turn etc. again (it’s been over two years since I’ve ridden), but it came rushing back. Admittedly, I was a little cautious; but let me tell you, the conditions were so pristine and my friend was still learning (only her fourth time on a board & she braved some new runs), so though we took it easy, we both managed to push ourselves ‘just right’…

a view of Big Bear Lake from Summit Run


I’m off to have some sleepy-time tea and hit the sac. Best wishes to all you winter sports enthusiasts…. get it in while we can!!!
Peace, L

Behind the Curtain…


Greetings! My name is Lisa DeChavan and I am embarking on the Adventure of a Lifetime. From the farthest recesses of memory, I’ve hoped to travel. Dorothy and Alice were my champions. I hoped to see what lies over the visible horizon; over the rainbow, down the yellow brick road or perchance rabbit hole. I hoped to abide with foreign people groups and see life through their eyes…perspectives different from my own. What I have, I want to share with those whose paths I cross along the journey. Where aid is needed, give aid. Where there are hungry mouths, give food. If a hand needs holding, hold it. Where the innocent need protecting, stand up. And when fun and adventure are graciously served along the way, I hope to have a second helping!

These hopes still surge, like restless molecules in my blood.

It is time.

 My PURPOSE, essentially, is to actualize my Life. Putting one foot in front of the other, follow whatever roads lead to living an authentic and meaningful existence. To have the courage and faith to boldly chase down the dreams that have been so deeply rooted within me…and witness the fruit that will be produced by trusting God enough to do so. PHILANTHROPY is the heartbeat of my purpose. With over 15 years of education and experience as a personal trainer, yoga & Pilates instructor, FITNESS is my area of expertise… it is something I have a passion for  & will post about frequently.  Finally, I  believe strongly that more days that not, we should have a reason to bob our heads & say “now that was dope!!”  As our pioneer sister Cyndi Lauper so eloquently put it, Girls Just Want to Have FUN!!!
 Finally, it is my goal to travel as Eco-friendly as possible. I am sincere in my promise to keep my carbon footprint as gently tread as I can. I hope my personal AuthenChic Adventure inspires you to take one of your own. Until then, my fellow gypsies, I invite you to read and comment as I share mine with you! Enjoy!


“Knowing God is the greatest adventure of all time: a life-long pursuit, the ultimate romance, the fulfillment of every yearning. Apart from this relationship life is a mere shadow of its full potential. Remembering that even life at its best is only a dim reflection of Heaven proves that we have a wonderful future to anticipate. Be encouraged! At the end of the day we must come back to the same simple truth and accept it without conditions or reservations. Our lives are in the loving and capable hands of the Father. Our quest is to seek Him and follow Him to the High Places by whatever paths He chooses. “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you” (James 4:8). LAF