Team Big Bear celebrates 25 years!


This past weekend, I spent a sunny, seven hour day, witnessing both élite pro-athletes and families alike ‘strutting’ their wheels in Team Big Bear’s Conquer the Bear & the Kenda Cup West/US Cup Mountain Bike Series. Considering itself the “Birthplace of Mountain Bike Racing”, Big Bear Lake has it going on. One local hero, Tom Spiegel helped pioneer Southern California’s novice and pro MTN bike races starting back in 1985.

(c) 2011 Authenchic Pics

Although a former triathlon junkie, once Spiegel tasted the freedom and thrill of Mountain Biking, he was hooked; and Team Big Bear was born. Twenty-five years later, boasting an average turn-out of over 400 racers per event, the XC, Endurance & ‘Super D’ Mountain Bike scene in Big Bear Lake is truly Epic!

 Now home to both the Kenda Cup West and US Cup Race Series, even novice riders can find themselves avoiding death-cookies as they navigate single-track courses alongside the likes of Olympic and Elite Pro Riders such as Tinker Juarez, Todd Wells, and Georgia Gould.

TINKER JUAREZ (c) 2011 Authenchic Pics

(c) 2011 Authenchic Pics

Random shots

(c) 2011 Authenchic Pics

One of the beauties of Mountain Bike racing is that the Family (including the kiddos!) has the opportunity to ride the same course as the Pros! (Albeit without the competitive speed and technical prowess.)

(c) 2011 Authenchic Pics

A Racer contemplating his finish…. I wish I could have talked to him but things were insane

If you’re into XC Mountain Biking (or ANY kind of Off-Road sport), Big Bear is a sweet place to test your skills, and hook up with a community of riders from all over the world. This area offers such beautiful and challenging rides; it seems a shame that anyone who enjoys XC biking would miss out on its glorious and bountiful landscape.

I met all sorts of folks enjoying the race…. here are some fellow Big Bear “riders” of sorts watching the action; including a few “Super D” racers warming up for the next event…

(c) 2011 Authenchic Pics

Super D

So, whether you’re catchin’ air (and most likely some face plants) as a downhill rider, or just into some challenging and beautiful track, Big Bear has a plethora of terrain to explore. If this didn’t wet your dust enough to plan a trip up here, I will be posting about my own Big Bear mountain biking adventures very soon….

ૌ  Authenchically Yours, Lisa

Pushin’ thru the “OW!” to “WoW!”

Okay. so it should go without saying that when you take a sabbatical from working out (or running specifically in this case), you are to expect above normal muscle soreness. Knowing this lovely fact however doesn’t make getting up the stairs (or walking in general) easier in the least bit. Ow!! My calves feel like balls of pain. My ass is mocking me. Stretching, which I normally look forward to, is agony. And it’s all worth it.

The Ow I am experiencing results from inactivity, and so is deserved;  the awesome WoW feeling that accompanies pushing through the pain and running anyway, is likewise deserved. It helps a lot to have a running partner, I must add. When one of you feels like bailing, the other person often acts as a catalyst to follow through. Setting up a meeting place and time works as equally effective accountability. Especially when you’re new to an activity (or getting back into it). One of the things specific to running is that you (should) see progress every run. Whether its increase in distance or decrease in time, or simply just feeling stronger than the run before, running is a sport which gives instant gratification.

Follow the Asphalt Running Trail...

My friend and I hit another 5 mile walk/run this afternoon. We only walked about two miles (to a friend’s house and back) yesterday, but I’m certain that the soreness would have been much worse today had we not done even that. The first mile sucked, after that however, it felt GREAT. We made better time, and stopped half way through for a good stretch, while our muscles were warm. No yoga when we got home (way to beat), but we did indulge in another one of G’s smoothies. She found the recipe on Oh She Glows… and it is so yummy!! A wonderful & healthy post-workout  treat. If you try it, let me know what you think!

spinach & almond butter protein smoothie

Goodnight my fellow vagabonds… Don’t forget to add *FITNESS into your travels. 😉

Peace, L

*common sense note: always check with your personal physician before embarking on any new Fitness Adventure.