The PURPOSE of AuthenChic Adventures

WELCOME TO AuthenChic Adventures!  I am Lisa DeChavan & my hope is that this blog will evolve into a social networking & informational resource for fellow ‘Chics’ who are into globetrotting with a purpose. I’ve shared before that “My PURPOSE, essentially, is to actualize my Life. Putting one foot in front of the other, follow whatever roads lead to living an authentic and meaningful existence. To have the courage and faith to boldly chase down the dreams that have been so deeply rooted within me…and witness the fruit that will be produced by trusting God enough to do so.”

I think the great livers, the people who are fully self-actualizing and alive, are the greatest givers.  – (Mark Victor Hansen)

Also, Travelling solo is just different than travelling with mates or with a significant other – and doing it as a woman is even more different… in both scenarios, I believe we are a special breed.

Yes, ‘dudes’ are more than welcome to tag along & share your travelling/philanthropic/fitness adventures here! Your input & advice is just as coveted!

As for moi, I want to !EXPLORE! the whole world… I want to be immersed in other cultures & grow as a person by spending time with indigenous peoples, learning new languages, & most importantly, use my gifts and talents… all of me, to help those in need.

For now, it looks like I will be travelling indefinitely. The first Adventure is Macro Mission Latin America. I expect it to be both quite the beautiful opposite of what everyone is (lovingly) ‘warning’ me to expect and uglier than has been officially reported. I am looking forward to meeting brilliant, colorful, magical human beings – listening to amazing music. I am determined to plunge into the Spanish language… via immersion and not Rosetta Stone. And between the the tangible realities of drug trafficking and poverty, I am quite certain that I can make a difference to someone. Love always does. And that is a resource I have plenty to share.

Also – it must be sadly be said – that while I know that there are tons of people who don’t believe in humanitarian work that involves the “preaching of the gospel”, (and to those people I say “I understand where you’re coming from…”) but woe to me if I do NOT share such Good News! I have never intended to, nor do I now intend on, force-feeding a single soul, or beating anyone over the head with a Bible… however, if the opportunity arises, if a door opens for me to share the love of Christ, I will most gladly do so… because it is for that purpose I am still breathing. My love and help and service, however, are not contingent upon a person’s beliefs or lack-thereof… they are based on seeing a need and doing all in my Gods enabling power to meet that need… period.

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