Sweet Dreams are made of This… (PCH Act II)

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A DREAM COME TRUE! Right before The Epiphany, I had already planned a road trip to Portland. It would take me (& whoever joined me) along the Pacific Coast Highway. Beginning near the Los Angeles area & driving up thru the … Continue reading

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Rabbit Holes (i.e. Road Trips) and Moonlight



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Here are some pics from our road trip to Redlands, Ca.  Gorgeous views, historical bridges, tasty jerky and the light of magnificent Moon to guide us home. Enjoy!


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We didn’t have time to go hiking here, but it would have been a stellar climb and I imagine the views would have been worth it.

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This is the Greenspot Road Bridge, built in 1912 –





Even Mr. Bob got some fresh air and enjoyed the views…

GIVE A HOOT!!! DON’T POLLUTE!!!!  Seeing all this trash really pissed me off…. I called it in… if you live in the Hiland area, you should call it in too. It brought nastiness to an otherwise pristine environment. Shame on the loser who drove all the way out here to dump their nastiness and couldn’t bother to just FIND A DISPOSAL AREA. It’s NOT rocket science …. Grrrrrrrrrrr……(see below for all the PROPER places to bring your Trash in the San Bernardino area)

click below for Dump Site addresses and 411

 We picked up some juicy jerky from this family owned side shop called the Greenspot Market (sorry vegans… but at least it’s organic from locally farm-raised cattle) and some freshly bound sage to bless my friend’s grand-daughter’s room….


 I saw a larger-than-life colorfully painted statue of Paul Bunyan, whose name I used to confuse with one of my favorite authors, John Bunyan



FINALLY…. for those of you who got this far….  here are some views of the Moon that followed us home…. surreal. I think the ‘Man’ has his Ray-Bans on because he is so wonderfully bright… Epic.


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The fasts are done; the Aves said;
The moon has filled her horn
And in the solemn night I watch
Before the Easter morn.
So pure, so still the starry heaven,
So hushed the brooding air,
I could hear the sweep of an angel’s wings
If one should earthward fare.
~Edna Dean Proctor, “Easter Morning”

Have a Blessed Easter.